Flaghill Ranch Grass Fed Beef- Alberta Meat

Flaghill Ranch Grass Fed Beef- Alberta Meat Flaghill Ranch Grass Fed Beef- Alberta Meat

Details on Buying a 1/4

How much does it cost

Buying a 1/4 is the best way to optimize on farm direct prices. Customers are charged per pound hot hanging carcass weight, on average our 1/4 carcasses are 150 pounds.

How much meat is it

1/4 beef works out to approximately 95 pounds of all varieties of cuts, a 1/4 is a mix of both the hind and front 1/4. 

How do i get it

Submit an order here on our online store or use the STAY IN TOUCH option at the bottom of the page. Flaghill Ranch will deliver to your home, beef cuts will be individually packaged in butcher paper and gently packed in cardboard boxes.


What to expect in a quarter beef from Flaghill Ranch

Additional Information

The above photo showcases an example of exactly what to expect in a quarter of beef. 

- 10 sirloin steak                                      - 5 packages round steak                
- 5 packages of round steak                  - 2 packages short ribs 

- 2 packages tenderloin steak               - 1 cross rib roast 

- 4 T-bone steak                                       - 1 sirloin tip roast 

- 6 striploin steak                                     - 2 round roasts

- 1/2 brisket                                              - 40 lbs lean ground beef 

- 4 rib steak                                               - Soup Bones and Organs optional 

How to order

1. Place order through store

2. Fill and email cutting instruction form 

3. Receive confirmation email and invoice 

4. Send 50% deposit 

5. Await delivery 

Download Cutting Instruction Form