Flaghill Ranch Grass Fed Beef- Alberta Meat

Flaghill Ranch Grass Fed Beef- Alberta Meat


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All of our beef is hormone free, 100% grass-fed and finished. The meat is dry-aged for 21 days and custom cut to meet our customer's needs. The online store currently selling 1/4, 1/2 & whole beef, as well as select seasonal BBQ packages.

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Flaghill Ranch is a family farm in East Central Alberta raising certified grass-fed & grassfinished black angus beef. We pride ourselves in meeting the highest standard of animal welfare practices and producing a product pasture to plate for your family.

Our Mission


Our mission is to share quality meat with families across western Canada. The Ranch follows AGW approved animal welfare practices including low stress handling, late spring calving, fence-line weaning and humane butchering facility guidlines.

Grass Fed Beef Benefits


Grass fed and finished beef has benefit to both human consumption as well as the welfare and health of the animal. Grass fed beef is high in omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene, which are two heart healthy nutrients. Organs harvested from young 100% grass fed beef are also in exceptional condition, consumption of a balanced diet (various forages) prevents damage caused by high protein diets. The grass fed animal has decreased exposure to illness caused by confined living conditions and benefits from low stress handling. Our homegrown pasture raised beef operation is a unique balance of environmental stewardship, animal welfare  and sustainability of the family farm model. 

Details on Buying a 1/4

How much does it cost

Buying a 1/4 is the best way to optimize on farm direct prices. Customers are charged per pound carcass weight. on average our 1/4 carcasses are 150 pounds.

How much meat is it

1/4 beef works out to approximately 110 pounds of all varieties of cuts, a 1/4 is a mix of both the hind and front 1/4. 

How do i get it

Submit an order here on our online store or use the STAY IN TOUCH option at the bottom of the page. Flaghill Ranch will deliver to your home, beef cuts will be individually packaged in butcher paper and gently packed in cardboard boxes.

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Jody, Rocky Mountian House AB


"Love the ready made burgers and the sausages are awesome!"

Karen, Hanna AB


"We have always been extremely happy with everything we purchase from you...and will continue to get our beef from Flaghill Ranch:)"


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Farm to Fork Long Table Dinner

Starland County

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Farm to Fork Long Table Dinner

Join us August 15th 2019 for a delicious meal, to promote local food, agritourism and connecting consumers to farmers. 

Starland County


Beef Delivery

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Beef Delivery

1/4, 1/2 and whole beef orders will be delivered spring 2019

Customer Doorstep

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